for the 40+ woman!

When I take on a new client, I always ask what their goals are. Usually it’s the same thing: to lose weight and look and feel better. While I write down what they’re saying, more importantly, I’m making mental notes about how they’re sitting and other subtle clues, because I’ve learned that a person’s story is written in their bodies. Usually the subtle physical cues tell another story, a deeper story about self.

Ask yourself this: what do you really feel about exercise and clean eating? A lot of us would rather hit the snooze button, or bite into a warm cinnamon bun: the thought of training just looks like another to-do item in an already busy day. Is this true for you, or is this what you have come to believe is true for you?

Have you ever said one of the following?

– I hate to exercise.
– I’ve tried to lose weight before and it’s never worked.
– I don’t have the time.
– I don’t have the genetics.
– She was born with that body.
– I don’t have the money.

These are just stories you tell yourself, and you need to ask why…..can you turn it around? How can we dismember our old beliefs and update our Belief Map?

I’ve got a few tried and true tools I’ve used for years with my clients, but I first had to learn them myself. My life was full of excuses and roadblocks, but I honestly didn’t see them as that. But the truth was there, in the 30-40 extra pounds I carried!…

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