for the 40+ woman!

Are you a woman over 40? Do you struggle with excess fat? Are you frustrated with your exercise routine? Bored, or confused about what to do? Not seeing the changes in your body that you hoped for? Do you think cardio is the only way to loose fat?


 Are you tired of all the endless diet plans? Are you constantly reading labels and counting calories? Do you want to learn to love and enjoy food again? Do you want some flexibility in your eating lifestyle? Do you want to get off the lose-the-weight-and-gain-it-all-back-again merry go round?


Do you want to INCREASE your metabolism? Do you want to tighten, tone and lift your lovely body parts? Do you want to sculpt your body into something amazing? Do you want to feel energized, strong and healthy again?


Do you want your Sexy Back?


Why not join our growing tribe of Warrior Woman here, at McCoy Fitness & Health. We’ve been teaching online training and lifestyle programs for 8 years now, and we’re making BIG changes on all levels!


Our unique on-line training and lifestyle programs have touched thousands of women’s lives, all over the globe! Because one thing is for sure: we all want to look and feel our best. Life is a journey, and we all deserve to be on that journey, and to create great health and awesome shape!


HOW DOES IT WORK? Easy. All you need is a computer and a gym! You get my hand-crafted E-Workouts with access to my personal exercise library, recipes, menu plans, interviews, seminars, coaching calls, webinars and more! We support you along the way! Fast, easy, affordable and flexible!


We have different options for you to choose from:

  • Monthly Warrior Woman Group Coaching Program: By far our most successful, full on Program: E-Workout Cards with videos and easy-to-follow instructions, weekly check-in’s, Guest Interviews, monthly Group Conference Calls, audios, recipes, spiritual lessons and more. It’s all run through a private Facebook Group. Easy!
  • 10-Week Best Shape of YOUR Life: Give us 10 weeks and we’ll give you a transformation! We’re in our 6th year now, with hundreds of success stories! And we’re with you every step of the way!
  • Advanced 12-Week Best Shape of Your Life: For the serious woman wanting serious results! Learn how lifestyle athletes really live, eat and train! (Note: completion of the 10-Week Challenge is required).
  • The 8-Week Beginner’s BLISS program: If you are new to weight training, or just re-starting again after a lay-off, this is for you! At home and in-gym workouts! (This is a self-directed program).


Here, at McCoy Fitness & Health, our MISSION IS SIMPLE: to create the most unique, and highest quality fitness and lifestyle programs for women everywhere, regardless of background, experience or location. We over-deliver on everything we do. You’ll see!


Come join our tribe of Warrior Women TODAY!

JOIN US TODAY! You deserve it!

Karen McCoy

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