for the 40+ woman!

Last weekend I had a party for my local clients at my house. What a blast.

What’s always amazing to me is seeing the profound changes in those women who have been with me for awhile. I likely see it easier than they do, because I don’t see them every day. (And I have photos of many of them when they started with me too! Oohhhh, I should bring those out one day!).

It’s not just the changes in physiques, although that is cool too…mostly I see weight loss and a slow emerging of shape and tone, things lessen here, move about there, the body tightens up….all the good things (and yes, most of my women are 40+).

It’s also how they walk and stand: with confidence, body awareness, and style! They move like they are so comfortable with themselves, and excited by the on-going transformation they see every day. And they also know there are days when we falter, things slip through the cracks. And that’s ok too. We just get back up on that horse again…

As I looked around at the lovely bevy of strong women, I realised how blessed I was, and I told them so. To be able to do what I do, and support other women in finding health and happiness…well, it doesn’t get any better in my books! And when my life careens out of control, or I am feeling despondent, tired or just beat up from life, I know that when I show up for my work, my girls lift me up! It’s a 2-way street really, and women in community is what we all need.

Many thanks ladies for making all of this a reality. Love yourself. Pass it on. Help others.
See you at the gym!


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