for the 40+ woman!

So many times I’m asked, “what kind of training should  I do?”

“Should I lift heavy weights? How many sets? Do cardio first or after a workout, and how much? How much protein should I eat? How many days should I train? How often should I change it up? Order of exercises, sets, reps? What about functional fitness? Cross fit? Zumba…..?”

And it’s truly the same with food (ah yes, that one area where we fall down the most!). You can’t look fantastic if you indulge in designer coffees and muffins. You MUST change your relationship (and how you see it) to food.

I always say that us lean people simply think differently…ask the 100+ women on my on-line programs….it is constant support and a slow move to the other side of eating, one where food builds your body, and it’s incredibly tasty, filling and life-affirming! And you truly don’t even desire or want for the ‘old’ way of eating. In time, you will look around at how the majority eats and think, “that’s weird. I wouldn’t think to eat like that…anymore.” Yep, then you know you’ve ‘arrived’. 🙂

See, it’s really simple…

What are your goals? What do you want?

How do you want to look and live? ( I leave out how do you want to feel because everyone wants to feel great).

For me, every day is crystal clear: as a woman over 50, I want tone, shape, strength. I want to do a fitness regime that challenges me, that allows me to change it up just enough, but not so much that I risk no progress. I want to see my body’s shape change with time. I want to be able to mold it accordingly, and to see it improve with age. And I DO NOT want to live the story that most over-50 women live…”I have middle-age spread because of my age / hormones / stress.” “My metabolism has changed since I’ve gotten older.” “It’s harder now to keep the weight off.” “I had to go on medication because of….(fill in the blanks….almost always due to a slow decrease in training, eating, living well).”

So define what you want, really. Leave the excuses at home, at the doctor’s office, at the shrink’s office, at work, and just decide today that you will live your life with YOU in mind. And affirm that you will open up to it, and do the work required. You will accept full responsibility for where you are now and move forward. No need to beat yourself up.

Step into your life. It’s waiting for you…!


PS We start the 10-Week Best Shape of YOUR Life on Friday….I am so excited! Thanks to all the brave women who are choosing to step back into their lives! I will be with you every step of the way!