for the 40+ woman!

In Week 9 of our 10-Week Best Shape Challenge, we’re looking at BELIEFS.

What are yours? The ones that whisper rather than shout? The ones that nag us and throw us off course? “I’ll never do this…I failed before, I’m not worthy, my hubby will leave me if I look too good, my friends will tease me….”

When it comes to successful weight loss (or anything in life – career, money, love…) the toughest part is coming to know those beliefs, and owning them. Only then can they shift. And sometimes awareness is all that’s needed.

And these beliefs go thru all aspects of our lives too…relationships, career, and weight loss, yes.

Example: I’m a hippie at heart, but as a young girl I never wanted to really ‘be’ a hippie because there was the unspoken belief that money was  a corporate evil (I think that’s shifting now). As a young girl, we came from decent means, and we had nice things. So growing up I wanted to make money, live a good, rewarding life, have nice things. But as a hippie gal, I had a hard time settling the two ends out. Until I realised that such a juxtaposition (oh, my english teacher would be proud of me!) was a ‘tribal’ belief I learned to embrace. So I created a new belief: you can embrace money and the environment at the same time!  

Here’s another little tiddy: your plate is a reflection of your state. Love that one! So when it’s filled with lousy food, and too much of it, you’re saying you’re not worth it, you’re going to sabotage again because, well, it’s what you know, someone else has told you you’re not worthy….are you filling your plate with self-satisfying stuff – like carbs and cookies – because youre’ trying to soothe something? What is that food taking the place of – love? sex? Are you wanting it because you’re lonely? bored? angry? resentful? Is it a reward?

When your plate is filled with fresh, revitalizing foods, whole foods, and even when you cheat with a small portion of the food you miss, it’s with love and acceptance, with boundaries that you can control (just one cookie, not 10). That’s a lesson in itself.…you know?

Like I always say, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you get what you get. In other words…if you like how you feel / look / act…then keep doing what you’re doing. If you don’t, change it up. So in the 10-Week Challenge, we’re changing it up! Right?

So ladies, dig away. And dig in places you haven’t been before (many times we dig in the same places…we know those places well, too well, means we don’t have to dig in new places…kind of a deflectin of sorts. ) Try a new mound to put your shovel into. When you scrape away the dirt, the sunshine can get in, and new growth can begin!


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