for the 40+ woman!

As I prepare for my seminar on weight loss supplements tonight in Sidney, I find myself struggling with the whole concept of ‘weight loss’.

In our culture, we’re so focused on weight loss, but it needs to shift: we need to focus less on weight loss and more on fat-loss. That’s what we’re really after, right?

Because when we strive to lose weight and to see the scale, counting calories and reading labels as our guide, we will lose weight, sure….right along with our metabolism.

However, if we lose fat, we actually increase our metabolism!

Why is that? Because when we diet, do cardio, cut calories, cut carbs, we will lose our muscle (and that’s our metabolism). And losing muscle happens at an exponential rate after 40 years of age! 

But most gym goers are too fixated on looking between their toes, at the scale, that number, to tell them their worth.

But once you get your eating in line (no, really in line…do you know your macronutrient profile and what you should be eating to lose bodyfat?), and once you get exercising (sorry, walking isn’t exercise), then we can start talking fat loss supplements.

Which ones do I use? Few, and in limited quantity, but I’ll be going over that tonight at my Weight Loss Supplements Seminar at Hemp & Co. To me, it’s a step by step process that you can do to help teach your body how to do what it was intended to do – burn fat and keep your metabolism stoked as you age. Me and my Inner Circle of gals are living proof of that, and we work at it every day.

I’ll also have my fitness and lifestlye book – One Rep at a Time – at the seminar.

See you tonight!…


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