for the 40+ woman!

It’s not uncommon for women to feel confused with all this clean eating and fitness stuff. Heck, I always said that if I was just coming to this lifestyle now, I’d be confused too!

Everywhere you read, there are conflicting reports about what to eat, how to train, whether to do cardio or not (and what type).

Then there are all the latest and greatest diet aids, exercise moves, tips and theories about losing weight. There are lotions, potions, web sites, promises and guarantees for a lean, mean body. Oh boy!

So when a client of mine emailed me to say she was soooo confused and just wanted to know what to read / do, I told her to just stick to the program she’s on (my Healthy Living Program) and do the work. Simple. Everything you need is in there.

In fact, whether you’re on one of my on-line programs or someone else’s program, or even if you’ve crafted your own program, just stick with it. Because as I tell my gals, it’s less about the program or the peripherals and it’s all about the person – YOU! You simply must remain consistent, work hard, eat clean, and keep your eyes focused on your goals. Every day when you wake up, you simply assert to yourself how you want to look, feel, and live, and stick to a game plan to get you there. And love what you’re accomplishing.

We’ve got more info, and more peripherals in the gym, like Bosu’s, balls, bands and bars, but in my view, we’re not getting any fitter. In fact, we’re sliding back.

There are no magic pills, and I know you know that, but don’t just say it and move on to the next Internet or Facebook search where you might find it, this missing piece of the weight loss puzzle, that one exercise / program / food / supplement that will finally get you to where you want to go. That part is already there, laying deep within you, waiting for you to discover it and bring it forth.

I call it your inner grrr. Can you feel it? It’s there. Promise. It’s in all of us, no matter how overweight, sick, tired or fed up we are.

Reach down, peel back the layers and start that conversation with it. It’s you in the making. And it knows exactly what you need!

Like I always say, love yourself into health. Start today.


Photo L-R: Lori, Lesa, me, Eileen, Colleen and Joan….I’m pleased to announce that they all found and are using their inner grrr in the gym!