for the 40+ woman!

On Feb 1st I opened up my Healthy Living Program for $1, not knowing who would show up and what the response would be.

Boy, was I nicely surprised! Eighteen amazingly brave and supportive women showed up, and they have been a sheer pleasure to work with. Really. And I just love hearing all the feedback. Here’s what Trish Flanders of Victoria had to say. 

It’s been 3 weeks since joining (the HLP) and this is the best I’ve felt in a very long time! Yep, I’ve been sore after each workout but that’s okay – and I realize that I do have muscles!! I feel energized and happy that I’m on my way to a healthy lifestyle.  There’s so much to learn from you…

I feel very positive about the new direction and changes I’m making.  I want to take charge of my health, body, mind and spirit – and through your program I know I can do it.  In the two short weeks of lifting weights, coupled with the cleanest eating I have ever done in my life, I love how I feel!”

Many thanks to all who took a leap of faith and joined us on our healthy living bandwagon journey!

Now, onward, ladies….


Only 24 hours left to grab your spot in my $1 for one month of the Healthy Living Program! Spring has sprung!! Are you spring-ready??