for the 40+ woman!

As a nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I know I’m heading into tricky water with a client when I hear the ultimate challenge:

Just tell me what to eat.” 

Oh boy!. It’s that diet mentality rearing itself again, the one that says ‘I want to cruise on automatic pilot rather than do it myself.’ 

In all my programs, my goal is not to tell you what to eat. Rather, I want to teach you how to eat.

See, in this day and age of instant gratification, many people want to be told what to do. But in all my programs, whether they be in-gym programs or my on-line programs, my goal is to empower you into learning how to eat, to understand just what that food science means, and to help you make clear choices.

Really, we all think we know how to eat, but that is sooo far from the truth….!

Case in point: How many grams of protein do you eat in a day? How many do you need? What is biological value, what’s the omega 3 content in red meat and why is it important? How do we eat in tune with our circadian rhythms and what are circadian rhythms anyway? Are eggs really the culprit in cholesterol (NO!) and is low fat better? How much fat should we eat? Is milk a good source of Vitamin D and is butter really bad?


So, when you ask me to tell you what to eat, rather than how to eat, it is so far off the mark, that when I’m no longer there, doling out menu plans, you’ll be lost. And you’ll stray back to your old ways, and, well, the rest is history. 

I always say that a good coach empowers you, in training and in eating healthy, and teaches you – over time –  what they know, so then you can apply it to your own life with confidence. Yes, it takes more time, but that’s what responsible adults do!

My wish for all of you in 2013 is to be filled up with good health! To feel empowered and alive, confident and


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