for the 40+ woman!

Many thanks for all who showed up at the 21st Annual Victoria Health Show…I got to meet all sorts of people, and especially nice to meet you gals who are on one of my on-line programs…that I’ve never even met face to face! NOW I can put a face to the name! COOL! Heck, I even got a flex out of Greens + creator, Sam Graci! (right)

And I’ve got a bunch of you who bought my lifestyle book – One Rep at a Time – and are now doing the program….remember, email me with any questions! (Hey, where else can you get a full 8-week program with real-life videos, workout cards, nutrition, recipes, articles and info on how to build emotional and spiritual health and wellness…for FREE?).

It’s been my pleasure to create the 8-WEEK BLISS Body Makeover Program and my pleasure to give it away to you…I love paying it forward, and you are paying it forward too ($1 from the sale of every book goes to charity). And I’m at the helm of the program, so email me with questions, ok?

OK. I’m off to soak my achy feet! Thanks again ladies! And for those of you in Vancouver, I’ll be there for the Vancouver Wellness Show at the Convention Centre, Feb 17-19th. I’ll be there at my booth, and I’ll be lecturing on the Saturday again! (I just LOVE this stuff!).

Ciao! Karen

PS  – My book is available at Bolen’s, Russell’s, Munro’s and Tanners….some have sold out, but I’ve got more copies coming next week!