for the 40+ woman!

I love a good feast, don’t you?

So every month, we have a Clean Eating Gathering where us local gals meet for some yummy, healthy food, and chat and chill out!

Sometimes the group is big, sometimes small. With clients all over North America and some far-away countries..well, the drive is a little far (here’s hoping they’ll start their own satellite of the Clean Eating Gatherings in their neck of the woods!), but I’ve got a pretty strong group of local gals, so we try to meet monthly.

Last night’s Gathering was in beautiful Sooke, along the rugged coast of BC…wow, what a treat! And while I’m always amazed at the food that gets served up (ah, someone has taught these women the principles of clean eating rather well, I may say!), what impresses me more are the women themselves.

See, as a coach and purveyor of physiques, I can’t help myself but notice a nice physique…and well…I’ve known these gals for quite some time, some of them for years, really. And I’m always amazed at the subtle shifts in their bodies over time….

They shift here, tighten up there, remold, re-shape. In general, there are more healthy shapes and curves to the body now, in oh-so-many-places, changes that say ‘I’ve worked hard for this, and I love how I’m feeling’. And it shows in how they walk, sit, dress….I feel so proud and happy for them!

And of course we chat about the not-so-great-stuff too…how we’ve all fallen off at times, how our eating has gotten away from us, how we have lost our time at the gym, or how other commitments seem to seep in and take over our oh-so-busy lives..oh boy!

We talk about struggles with family and friends who don’t understand the journey, or how our mothers (we LOVE you!) may not always understand our focus on fitness because they are from a different generation. And we marvel at how each successive generation has shaped our views of the female form, and boy, are we glad to be a part of this generation, where women are finally daring to change the status quo, to say what they feel and to not settle. And the numbers of women wanting to have – yes, say it – a sexy, curvy, healthy body at any age! – is taking over! Yay! Finally!

Change takes time and dedication, and the courage to believe in yourself and the desire to shed limiting beliefs about what we deserve and what we are capable of.  

Thanks for letting me into your lives, ladies. You remind me of just how strong the female spirit truly is. Now, pass the smoked salmon, will ya?

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