for the 40+ woman!

Our recent 10-Week Challenge Luncheon at my home is always something I look forward to. Each participant brings something yummy to eat, and we eat and talk about our journey over the last 10 weeks.

It’s so interesting how each lady weighed in on a different facet of the journey. Some ladies said they now look at a plate of food differently, or they look at what others are eating and realize they too used to eat that way (and they too thought it was healthy). They can now see more clearly when / how they procrastinate with their own healthy living efforts, and recognize how and when they question their success and sabotage their efforts.

See, something like the 10-Week Best Shape Challenge is not just about losing weight (there is always some woman who says she doesn’t need to join because she doesn’t need to lose weight). It’s about finding your power again, recognizing your worth, and knowing that life can indeed begin at 40 (or 50, or 35), and that the body can change, indeed, in amazing ways, regardless of its age.

See, us older women (in my book, that’s 40+) are the largest population group on this planet, but we are still not being catered to in the proper way. (If I see another 20+ trainer putting another 40+ woman through burpees, I think I’ll go insane!). We need someone who knows about hormones, juggling career with family, having acquired injury, being on medication….we need someone to validate us and hear us!

That’s why I do what I do…because I know how women feel. I’ve been there. Heck, I’m still there, juggling career with family, struggling to fit in fitness amongst all the other things I must do in a day, watching certain bodyparts sag, mopping up after hot flashes….LOL!

And all the women on the Challenges have these, or similar, issues. We share, support, and know that we are not in this alone. That’s why so much of what I teach is spiritual / emotional stuff, life stuff, really. And I don’t pretend to have all the answers…but we just keep on trying…

We are a powerful force, us women, and we deserve to be supported and aided along in our journey in the best way possible, for the Warrior Women that we are! And that’s my promise to you: to try to give you what you need in a sincere, supportive and honest way, and to help move you forward in whatever way I can.

Onward Warrior Women! We’ve still got a lot left to do in this lifetime…!

PS We have 3 days left to sign up for my Spring / Summer 10-Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge….we starts Friday April 11th! Next Challenge does not run again until September! (Challenger Graduates, you now qualify to join the 12-Week Advanced Best Shape Challenge…!). Let’s get Summer-Ready, ladies!