for the 40+ woman!

OK, I’ve had it with all the ‘before and after’ photos…I say we shift our focus and use a different approach.

I’m all for seeing women lose the excess weight, but in my view, we’ve become obsessed with before and after photos. I say we need to see more before and way-later photos…

See, I’ll probably be lambasted for saying this, but it’s easy to lose the weight: It’s usually harder to keep it off and continue to transform our bodies

Yeah, that’s what I’d like to see them calledtransformation photos, and they can only be called so if the model has continued to transform her body over time…

You will find some before and after photos on my site, but not many (and that’s only to appease people wanting to see before and after’s). I prefer progress pictures of my gals years later, as they continue to shape and tone those lovely bodies of theirs: tighter triceps, higher glutes, fuller biceps, a tighter mid-section.

See, that’s what weight training is truly about – moving things about, re-shaping, re-structuring. And that’s why I prefer on-going transformations as we witness a body being carved and shaped over time into a magnificent work of art. Becoming a smaller version of a once-big person is fine for a while, and its a great short-term goal, but once the weight is lost, then the transformation must continue onward for life!

Diets will shrink you, but weight training will transform you! After all, life is a journey, not simply a destination.

Check out these 3 women who continue to shape and mold their physiques over time, and who just get better with age! And that’s what life is all about! CHECK IT OUT! 


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