for the 40+ woman!

For 5 years, I’ve been running my on-line programs to women everywhere, and one thing I know for sure…this on-line stuff is a hard sell. Most people just don’t get it…is it a DVD you buy to follow along? Is it located in a gym? Is there a diet plan? How do you progress? How the heck can it really work if Karen isn’t there to teach you…

Oh boy, the life of a pioneer! I’m hard pressed to explain it because no one is doing what I’m doing! Really! And that’s why I created it, from the ground up, so I could offer an affordable, hands on progressive training and eating program(yes, hands on…lots of support from me…I don’t outsource to anyone) to women anywhere in the world. All they need is a computer and a gym to train in…I do the rest! But they have to have a  little bit of motivation (if you want a Gillian Michaels approach to training where she holds your hand thru every move, and yells at you at the same time..well, I’m not it!).

And my current gals know that I’m always here, supporting thru email, a private Facebook Page and other means. My whole pledge when I started this thing was to be as hands on and supportive as I can be in this strange medium called the internet. And it’s working quite nicely…

My 10 Week Best Shape Challenge and my Advanced 12-Week Best Shape Challenge are proof of that…they always sell out. And the monthly Healthy Living Program is the goundwork of it all – my progressive, continuous training, eating and lifestyle program served up monthly to 100+ women in Canada, the US, Aruba, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. But no matter where they are, I’m there too.

So I’ve decided to offer a $1 trial run of my popular Healthy Living Program for February. But I’m not taking on as many women as possible. Why? Why don’t I want to make a million bucks? Well, to start, not that many people are making that kind of money…many of them lie to get you on board! I’ve learned this one! I’m only taking 20 women so I can service and support them, so I can be at the end of every email (yes, it is me at the end of every email, really!) and so I can help you on your way. Because learning a healthy lifestlye is NOT as simple as tearing a program out of a magazine and following along…if that were the truth, why don’t all those women have bodies like the women in the mags?

So, for the next few weeks, you’ll see my Healthy Living Program for $1 for 30 days. After that, the regular price of $23.99 applies. (I have never, ever had any woman tell me it wasn’t worth the price, in fact, I’ve been told by my long term gals that the price is too low! But I’m not budging…!).

There is no obligation, no gimmicks, and you can unsubscribe at any time…but I am only taking 20 women. Our new February HLP Workout is out…a perfect time for you to get your feet wet! CHECK IT OUT…..

$1 for one month of the Healthy Living Program!

Move fast on this! I’m pretty sure the seats will fill up fast!