for the 40+ woman!

I love to hear from successful women who re-found their health. And what is
even more satisfying is hearing women say that they are loving the journey….

See, what we do is a journey, and for success in building health, it must be seen as such. We will meander in and out and we will falter, and that’s part of life. We talk a lot about this in my programs, because women need to know that this ‘mis-step’ is also part of the journey. We’re not striving for perfection, we’re striving for improvement, learning and growing at every turn… to become our Best Self!Dawn Riddell BSC

I thought I would share two lovely ladies who completed the 10-Week Challenge with firm goals and they found success: Dawn (middle) and Kathryn (bottom), lovingly known as Miss pipes now!.

These lovely ladies all know that the journey they started on continues, and they’re up for the task! That’s because this is a lifestyle, now. It simply must be, in order to stay well, really well!

Enjoy where you’re at ladies, but also enjoy the many changes your body and Kathryn Branson Best Pipespsyche will go through as you meander this healthy living journey of yours.

– karen

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