for the 40+ woman!

Last week I had the privilege of competing in the Sandra Wickham Figure and Body Building Show in Vancouver. Man, did I have a good time!

There were over 300 competitors…backstage was a sea of beautiful, buffed bodies of all walks, types and ages. I videoed my transformation over the months, and shared it with my on-line clients, so they could see real on-the-ground training and prep.

Many of my on-line clients are thinking about competing one day. And many already have, including Deanne Pfeifer, right, who started her transformation with my 10-Week Challenge 2 years ago, and loved her results so much, she kept going. Fast forward 2 years, and I witness Deanna win the Middleweight Bodybuilding Category hands down – 3 awards in total! (Yep, I felt like a proud mama of sorts…!).

After the show, a bunch of us went for dinner (naturally!) and while there were lots of lovely comments, one stayed with me: ‘What we love about your journey was that you did it all natural, with health and wellness at every step, and you shared it with us. You showed us how you can take it to its limit and be healthy and whole.”

Yes indeed. In a sport that is often mired with dangerous drugs, harsh diuretics, and potent fat burners, I did it my way: all natural. That was my goal from the beginning and I didn’t stray once.

At 51, I know all too well the hardships the body can endure when not treated well. My whole goal heading into the show was to get in the best shape of my life – regardless of my age – through clean, organic foods, hard training, and no artifical means or interventions: no diuretics, no fat burners, no drugs…heck, I didn’t even water-load or deplete. And when I had to eat  chicken and eggs 6 times a day (yep!), I loaded up on organic choices from our local market. I just couldn’t fathom filling my body, my ‘vessel’, with antibiotic and hormone-infested meats after all the work I had done. For me, the prep was about health first and foremost, and practicing the fine art of self love and self care.   

There is a certain grace and wisdom that us older gals have, and at this stage in the  journey, my goal is to embody my truth, to walk with grace and strength, and to honour this amazing vessel of mine. Our body is the only one we got, and as a mother with a son who can no longer use his body, I know all too well how precious this is. And in a world (and a sport) that sometimes loses sight of this, nothing else will suffice. Not for me, anyway.

Treat your vessel well ladies. Love yourself into health. Embrace your age, your journey, and your wisdom. And walk the walk, stand tall for all to see. Do it for the younger women, who may be caught up in the need to win…and sometimes at any cost.

Thanks to all who came over for the show and who shouted loud and clear from the audience….Lesley, Stacy, Jennifer, Carol, Liz, Mike, and my hubby Neil! I heard you all loud and clear!! And a special thank you to my coach Michelle (below) who defines grace and power in her own special way, and whom I am glad I had on this journey of self-discovery. May we have many more journeys together Michelle!

And to all my on-line clients who I shared my journey with. I loved sharing it with you all. We’ll do it again next year. OK?


PS Check out my YouTube channel for some posing and prep stuff.

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