for the 40+ woman!

It’s always hard to see someone struggle so much with their weight and their lack of health goals. It’s sad but true: the majority of people will start on the health journey, but few will continue on for a lifetime…

As trainers, we get frustrated with the stop-and-go mentality of many clients, and we feel lost as we watch our poor clients swirl around in guilt, self-loathing, and disappointment.

I have the answer. It’s what many a coach and motivational speaker has recognized as the simple but true path to staying with anything: pain versus pleasure.

See here’s the deal: if you see dieting or losing weight as painful, if going to a gym makes you feel yucky, if the thought of having to live in denial of certain foods makes you cringe, well, that would be enough to keep even the most positive of people away from partaking in a healthy lifestyle!

But what if you re-framed it? What if you saw it not as painful, but as pleasurable! What if, every time, you completed your training and made mental notes of how your body was changing, and use this as fuel to propel you onward?

What if, when picking up your Starbuck’s coffee, you silently said no! to all those lovely pastries sitting pretty and sweet under glass…to  shift you away from a painful experience (denial of sweets, oh my!) to a pleasureable experience (growing your inner conviction and faith in yourself, and keeping the calories out!) 

I always say healthy and wellness is an inside job. Those who get on track and stay there have learned to find the pleasurable parts of the journey, and build on those. Changing a mindset never happens overnight, but with diligence, it does happen. Trust me. I used to think like you, and I used to be overweight, tired, and I felt guilty all the time! Now, if I falter, I channel into those old, sad feelings of lack of control and self-loathing, feelings I never, ever want to feel again. Instead, I now make a conscious decision to move toward feeling the pleasure in owning a fit, lean body, something I want to feel for life! That’s what keeps me on track!

Choose pleasure over pain: reframe how you think and feel about things. Focus on the pleasure in saying no to the pastries display, rather than the pain of not having it. When you start making this mind-shift, you are heading down a very cool, and health-affirming path indeed! 


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“I have been meaning to drop you a note to let you know how much you have inspired me…you have (and the challenge) has made an amazing difference in how I feel, both mentally and physically….and I’m sure I will only get better!   I am surprised at the comments I have got (especially about my arms)…even by a couple different women in Mexico…and my husband loves my firm butt!” – Darynn Cowan, Victoria BC