for the 40+ woman!

In our size-conscious world, we are often hungry for the classic ‘before’ and ‘after’ weight loss photos. But I’d like to propose another kind, the before (shape) and after (shape) photos…

See, I understand the desire for women to lose weight, but I can always tell when a woman loses weight in absence of real weight training: her body may have shrank (and that’s often a good thing!) but her shape didn’t change….a classic example of an over-emphasis on cardio and calorie cutting (in fact, some weight loss programs want you to lose the weight first before you weight train, a big mistake in my books!). 

But let’s pay homage to the woman whose focus is grander. There are women who want a better physique, better shape, better tone. So in all my on-line training programs, I focus on both fat-loss and shaping work. Serious shaping work. And the results can be more evident on someone who isn’t carrying a lot of extra weight that would normally blur a muscle’s curviness….

So I’d like to share these photos with you…of some women who lost some weight, yes, but who created more curve, more tightness, more carve appeal!  The only way to do this is with progressive weight training and a solid and consistent healthy eating lifestyle. 

Many thanks to Leanne, Deanna, Chelsea, Dawn and Jane for allowing me to share these with other women, and for all the women who are walking with us on this journey of health and self discovery. Like I always say, walk the walk and live by example. And you truly are examples of what faith, focus, commitment and self-love truly is.


Challenger Gals.
Dawn Boyle.
Jane Henson