for the 40+ woman!

With the start of a New Year, we all have dreams of getting in awesome shape….we start with good intentions, then things fall by the wayside and we go right back to the familiar again…

Why do we do this? Well, life starts to encroach again, we recognize we actually have to carve out time – every day – for our fitness goals. And honestly, fitness take time! And we have to move stuff around and let some things go in order to make it work.

Well, that’s life. If it were that easy – if we didn’t have to give up time, certain foods, our beliefs – then we’d all be fit non-stop! But what I know is that the older you get, the faster time marches on, and along with that, the results of this – a not-so-tight physique and a lack of energy, focus, and, well, a lack of pizazz!

That’s why I created my 10-Week online Best Shape Challenge, which is now in its fifth year. This way, all women need is a computer and a gym to train in, and the rest takes care of itself. Easy, very affordable (3 different workouts and weekly food and lifestyle lessons to get you up and running the real way, without gimmicks, crazy diets, or marketing hype). Considering that a Personal trainer costs $35-$70 an hour, it’s an amazing deal for even the most cost-conscious woman, and I’m there every step. But the onus is on you to do the work.

Last fall a bunch of us went to the Sandra Wickham show and I’ve included a few photos of some before and afters of several hard-working ladies who competed. Now, I know most of you won’t be looking to compete, but that’s not the point – these women are all over 40, came from meager fitness backgrounds and had to come a very long way. And they did. And what and how I teach is not that far removed from competitive-style eating and training (clean, real, no drugs or fat burners), because the woman who makes great gains simply must follow along this continuum, a teaching method I’ve used for 30 years with all my women because it works! I just don’t label it as such because when you say ‘competitive style’…well…all sorts of myths and misconceptions abound!.

We start the 10-Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge in 5 days! I’ve got 3 spots left. Why not join us? I promise you, if you do as I say, and you follow the program, you will see amazing results. And it’s real training and eating, as a lifestyle that we can learn and embrace for life!

Join us! We kick off this Friday!