for the 40+ woman!

I love watching the Olympics. It always makes me cry!

What is astounding to me is the dedication these athletes have for their craft. Most of them train 6 days a week, 5 hours a day for years, just a chance to be the best at their chosen field. (And here I am trying to convince some gals to train minimum 3 times a week …and even that’s a tough sell sometimes!)

Now I know what you’re going to say: these athletes don’t have to work, and they have most things tended to for them.

No and no. Read their stories, you’ll see. Most of them are the you’s and me’s living on the same street. They work, play, get injured, over-eat, but they have an incredible inner burning desire to achieve the highest level of performance with their precious bodies. 

What does it come down to? It’s simple, really.

The main thrust: You have to want it really, really bad. You have to have an unending focus that carries you for years. You don’t make excuses, and you see time as precious, almost your foe. You ahve to see food as fuel, and time as finite. Age is something you work against, and you know that yesterday’s training is adding into the pool of potential today…and on it goes.

As I train for my own little Figure competition this fall, I’m doing my own mini version of an Olympics…I train 60-90 minutes a day on weights, always re-assessing, always trying to do one better. I do 1-2 hours of cardio. I measure and weigh all my food. I pay strict attention to supplements, and I try to keep my stress to a minimum. I pose, I walk, I flex, and I envision the stage, the lights, the crowd, every night. And my eating is exceptional. Really exceptional. I have to manage injuries, over-training, immune system lulls, and hormone fluctuations. All the while, I run a full-time training business, I tend to my special needs son, my hubby, my 4 animals and my acre-homestead. 

It’s all about what you want, and what you’re willing to do to get it. You have to learn to compromise on certain things  – like making time to train or not having that glass of wine at night – to ensure you can get there, and to make yourself proud. I think what makes me acutely aware of it all is my son who has no use of his arms and legs, and my own experience of living in a body that was immersed in pain for years, and I could find no way out for a very long time. It makes you appreciate things more.

I gotta go…my favourite part of the Olympics is on, when we see the winners on the podium, and their faces just light up like candles as their names are called one by one…

It always makes me cry!


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