for the 40+ woman!

Yesterday I had lunch with a dear friend and colleague…we chatted about work, training, friendship, children, marriage, divorce, and everything in between. She’s had a tough go of it lately, this friend of mine, but her zest for life is palatable. Her positive outlook is undeniable. And there is a knowingness in her that she will be taken care of, and all is well, even if it doesn’t look like it in this moment.

I spied her fridge, with its collection of inspiring quotes, healthy food charts, pics of women in training, and other such items meant to inspire and motivate.

I loved it. It’s how me, and those around me, have learned to live – by accepting what we have (even when the going gets tough) and learnign to attract what we need, what feeds up. And we are always reaching, believing, and knowing something better is always coming down the pipe, if you just stay open to it all.

Time and time again I am reminded of just how strong the female spirit truly is. And I know that there is strength in numbers, that we are not alone, and that as a group, us women can do more, be more, accomplish more.

So I asked this woman to work for me! Fun!

Many people view what I do as merely teaching fitness and nutrition, but my clients know it is so much more than that. Fitness is my platform that allows me to delve deeper into other parts of myself, and I know this is true for a lot of women. When we learn to apply a healthy eating and a consistent exercise  routine to our lives, we become empowered, stronger, more real. And more accepting of life’s ups and downs.

So wherever you are in your life, say what you want, what you desire, where you are working towards, and stay focused. It’s out there, I promise. You simply need to call it in.

Or plaster pictures up on your fridge! Works for me! And for her too, it seems!

Love you B!


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