for the 40+ woman!

Summer’s almost finished…the days are getting shorter and ads for back to school are hitting the air waves…

Seems every summer goes speeding by faster than the last, and I’m reminded to get my butt in gear! This is truly my busiest time…September kick-off. Which means throngs of women all returning from vacation, and from the relaxed schedules of summer, the more-than-plenty food and drink and often with that little bit of extra jiggle sitting on various bodyparts.

And that’s what summer is all about: refocus and a re-commitment. It also means the kick off of my fall 10-Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge (my busiest program, for sure!), and my monthly Healthy Living Program women return to the Fall Session of the HLP. And of course, I have now started doing in-gym group training for women at my newly constructed Studio 8 (there’s still room!) and a new McCoy Fitness Web Site being launched. LOL! Vacation…what vacation!

So let’s get our butts in gear and start shedding and toning! Let’s get our eating back on board, and get our focus and spirit back in line! Who cares if you wavered this summer, or weren’t perfect, or added a bit too much wine / food / weight / time off….whatever! We are works in progress, and every fall we pick ourselves up and get back on that Healthy Living bandwagon, right? That’s what Warrior Women do!

Welcome back all! September is just around the corner….

Coach Karen

PS – There is still room in my 10-Week Challenge, so come join us! Or, if you prefer an in-person approach, I’m teaching in my Studio 8, with room for a few more! Lots of options for you!