for the 40+ woman!

We’re all feeling it these days…more strife, more challenge, more chaos. People are angrier that usual, more selfish, more steeped in fear and anger. Relationships are breaking down at an unprecedented pace. Perhaps yours is one one of the many casualties.

I certainly have been feeling it the last year or so…loads of challenges in my personal and public life, like you. People are less patient, more gossipy…heck, people are even laying on their car horns more these days! It’s like living in Mexico!

It’s all written in the stars. Has been for a long, long time. Some call it the Culmination. Others call it the Time of Reckoning. Still others call it The End.

I call it 2012. That’s when they say the world will change….indeed.

What’s going on? Well, seems we’re shifting from the Age of Pisces, which lasted 2,160 years, to Aquarius, whose birth is taking place as you read these words. In other words, we are in an astrological twilight zone where one age is overlapping with another: one age is dying and another is being born, the old and the new will exist side by side for a time.

The two opposites are colliding: an awakening of the spiritual is hitting up against our traditional material world of power, force, control. This is the root cause of all this madness we’re feeling. For a while, it will feel as though we are being pulled in different directions…crazy, out of line. However, with time, the influence of Aquarius will become stronger and things will settle in. 

I see it as a time of sifting out, really: when all is said and done, there will be two camps – those that elevate into the New Way will live with fresh eyes and a new set of values and beliefs based on inclusion, peace and, yes, love. 

And for those that fight it and stay in the lower energies – anger, control, fear – well, they’ll be having a tough time of it all. 

You may not believe all this stuff but it’s not magical. It’s all quite scientific, really. Mathematical even. It’s like gravity: whether you believe in it or not, it still affects you. Just read your history. Study astrology. No need to be surprised…it’s been predicted for a very, very long time. These times are a’changin’…

How will I weather the storm? Well, I’m practicing bucketloads of forgiveness, trying to stay grounded, trying to stay open and be responsible with my words and actions. Easy? Nope. Necessary? It is for me. How about you?

So hang on my dear friends. It’s going to be a very bumpy ride indeed……


PS And please, lay off your horns!