for the 40+ woman!

This past weekend, 3 lovely clients of mine graced the stage at the Kelowna Figure and Bodybuilding Show. It was the first-ever show that offered a Grand Masters (over 45) category. And they rocked it!

After 5 months of hard work (we work hard year round, but the pre contest months are toughest!), these ladies shed the fat, and toned and tightened their 50+ physiques into their best shape yet! Their stage presence and posing was spot on! They simply radiated!

As older mature athletes, we are building in numbers. There is no mistaking the energy when a mature woman steps on stage…there is something intoxicating and real about it! (No offense to you younger gals, but you have age-related bonuses that come with being young that you won’t understand until you are older!). And each of my competitors did it the Warrior Woman Way – without drugs, fat burners or estrogen blockers….real, organic, and honest.

As older women, we have come to honour our bodies, to respect its yearly changes and work within this moving landscape of ours, and to know that we stand proud as a tribe. We work hard. We eat plentiful and clean. We train with intention. We are focused and committed. 

Many thanks to Francesca McCallen (center, 2nd place), Sherry Findlay-Russell (left, 3rd place) and Lynn Willard (right, 4th place) for putting their faith in me. But more importantly, thank you for believing in YOU! You are a moving, gaining force and you are parting the waters for other mature women to enter through a door once thought to be closed to us older gals. You are redefining what over 50 is….

Because 50 is not the new 30. Fifty is the new 50!
Rock on ladies!

Coach Karen