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Why Don’t We Start with a Whole Body Program?

A lot of women wonder why we don’t start with a whole body program, and the answer is simple…because it doesn’t work!

Actually, let me back up…for some, it works, but for all, only for awhile!

See, many trainers put you on a whole body workout because it’s industry standard, and well, they’re following the flock. But what I know is that in a few weeks, women’s abilities far surpass these far-too-easy programs and they need more oomph! Intensity, not specific exercises, is what’s missing in gyms today, and most women don’t see the results from a whole body workout because they don’t put the volume on the muscles…

With a split routine, which can include a 3 or 4 day split routine where diffferent muscles get worked on different days, we can then put more emphasis on the muscles at work, the other muscles get to rest fully, so you get faster shaping and tone…faster results! Here’s my take on it – DOWNLOAD HERE!

A lot of trainers think newbies can’t handle all the info coming at them with a split routine, but I know you guys can, especially when I lay it out with videos, workout cards and specific weight, sets and rep schemes…I’m your virtual trainer at your disposal.

Heck, the gals on the Elite BLISS workouts, who came off my 12-Week Advanced Challenge, even do a 5 or sometimes 6-day split! Thry can handle it, and they’ve worked up to a higher level where their bodies now need the intense intensity! Got it?

So never mind the naysayers…listen to me. If you’re still concerned and you want to start with a whole body because of injury or fear, you can use the whole body workout from my book – One Rep at a Time, which includes an 8-week whole body at-home and in-gym workout, but after that, you’ll need to come back here and resume the next progressive workouts on the HLP.

Email me if that’s what you want and you can purchase the book and start, but it’s a self-directed beginners program that doesn’t include access to me or the HLP.

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