for the 40+ woman!

A Mushroom in a Whole new Light…

When we choose whole, clean food, we are taking a taste of Mother Nature herself…

Take a look at a traditional mushroom.

On the left is an organic mushroom, free from pesticides and herbicides and grown in rich soil…notice while both have an energy field (becaue they are both alive), the organic’s field is much more consistent and bright. And its aura is longer, bigger, brighter..

And if you need to cook your veggies, lightly steam them to retain as much of the life force as you can…(personally, I don’t do well with pure raw all the time, so I need to lightly steam to break down the toughness of the veggies…this is the wisdom of Chinese Medicine also, that believes that all veggies should be lightly steamd to make digestion easier and to support the body’s need to take in all food and drink at room temperature for optimum health.

Coming up…what about sprouts, a tomato…what about YOU! What does a person’s energy field look like??