for the 40+ woman!

I have several sets of wind chimes hanging outside my home, and yesterday morning, as I sat on my deck with my morning coffee in hand, they were all singing in the wind!  Then I spied a large spider scurrying across my kitchen floor. It’s official – I thought – fall is here.

I love fall. It’s my New Year, and I get inspired and excited by its arrival. Not that I don’t love the summer. I do, but the Fall always sees me moving forward in new ways and taking on new challenges.

This year, I’m focusing hard on bringing what I want into fruition – my business, travel plans and some other juicy bits. I’ve re-connected to my metaphysical roots (thank goodness) and I’m on the path again. I needed that. The world as we know it is changing, and I plan on riding that wave of change.

How are you planning on living the next year of your life? Just take the time to write something down. Wishful thinking never got anyone anywhere…planning and focus always does. That’s how it all works.

Don’t forget to factor in yourself, while you’re making your wish-list. Get back in touch with your physical self. Get healthy, and feed yourself well. treat your body with respect, because your body is the portal to other parts of yourself – your mind and your spirit. You deserve to be healthy and happy in all these places!

See you at the gym!

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