for the 40+ woman!

When I first started weight training, it was all about the physical…building nice arms, tighter glutes, raising my metabolism, and losing weight.

Then life knocked me off my feet, and my training went with it. After 8 years of ill health, I came back with a fresh persepctive and new appreciation for all things, including my physical health. I made training my spiritual practice.

Most people in the gym want to zone out, to get it over with, to be on their way. After 30 years, I’ve learned to muscle into every moment – both in the gym and outside – with focus and thankfulness. I’ve learned to make my workouts my Zen practice, and you can too.

Enjoy my 4 pointers for making your lifting a true body – mind – spiritual experience which will take you, and your training and results, to new heights.

– Lift because you want to be well.
– Lift to connect to something greater than yourself.
– Lift out of a reverence for all life.
– Lift because you can.