for the 40+ woman!

Last weekend I had a booth at the Vancouver Wellness Show….and I got in trouble (again….)!

It’s always fun to see who shows up for a health show…every booth had its own focus – from books to oils to clothing to music and of course, food and supplements…heck, there was even a healthy razor booth (I forgot to check that one out!). 

Then I came across a company who sold protein powder – powder for vegans, to be exact. Now I’ve used their products before and I love them….clean, lots of great stuff…and I let the gal know this. I explained that I had a lot of female clients, some who were vegetarians (who often struggle with getting their protein needs met), and I said I often suggested adding some whey isolate to their vegan powder.

She looked at me like I had just slapped her face! There was an awkward silence….then I tried to explain that as a physique athlete and in my world we feel we need a certain amount of protein to hit each day for our goals which could be met by mixing whey into the blend…..

Mixing?” she said wide-eyed! “Oh go away, I don’t even want to hear it!” (Yes, she actually said that).

Really, I thought? And you’re representing a supplement company at one of Canada’s biggest trade shows?

Oh well,” she said. “You’re all about bulking up… we’re about endurance, not muscle.”

Obviously, I thought to myself. 🙂

OK. Now it was my turn. “I’m only 118 pounds, do I look bulky to you?” I asked? A man in the background shook his head. “She looks fine to me,” he said in my defense. (Thanks whomever you were!).

The point is this –  if we’re in the public eye and we’re promoting health and wellness, we must be reminded that our way is only one way. It’s not necessarily the way. Our clients deserve for us to be open-minded and inclusive, and to work in co-operation with their needs and goals

Somehow I hit a raw nerve with her (pardon the pun)  and she felt challenged. I’m not sure why, but I find the more inflexible the diet, the more inflexible the person…I’m just sayin’! (I love you all – carnivores, breatharians, raw foodists and vegans, so no nasty emails, ok?)

So when we’re traveling the path to health and wholeness, we need to remember to keep an open mind and practice being non-judgemental. We all have enough work just trying to keep ourselves healthy, yes? Besides, I find non-judgemental people so much more interesting and fun to be around. Don’t you? 

As I went to leave, I just couldn’t help myself. I stopped, and turned to look at her.

“Oh by the way, I’m a carnivore. And I love raw meat!”

I think she’s still squirming in her boots! Gosh, I hope her boots weren’t made with any animal products!


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