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You Gotta Eat Fat to Lose Fat! (Really!)

It’s sad but true. We’ve cut out healthy, life-affirming fats and replaced them with man-made chemicalized (bad) ones.

Can you say trans fats anyone? Their chemical make-up (hydrogenated, modified) ensures we hold onto the fat at all costs! And they’re acidifying our bodies, hardening our arteries (moreso than any amount of saturated fats…that’s a fact!) and they’re adding to our toxic load day by day! And I bet you ate some today!

And alas, a label is never a label (just read the example about the Oreo Cookie and how we’ve been duped.) And that goes for Nutella, and many other trans-fat ladened foods where Health Canada has provided a loop hole that allows ‘0’ trans fats to appear on the label when the offending food has lots of it!

And beware of polyunsaturated fats…most of our commercial cooking oils and fats are processed using cleaners and chemicals…true! Just ask Udo Erasmus (right), maker of Udo’s Oil.

Udo has spent his life researching fats and created his own line of healthy fats that have changed our whole take on them. Definitely a leader in his field.

Download Fats – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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