for the 40+ woman!

Women and Weights: 3 Top Myths Busted!

Half my time as a trainer and nutritionist is spent debunking long-held myths that keep women stuck in their efforts to create an amazing body.

So next time a female friend says… “I can’t lift weights, I gain too much muscle,” or, “if I eat too much protein, I’ll get big muscles,” set them straight, ok? It’s now your responsibility to do so. We need to help the sisterhood, yes?

Oh yeah, and that’s a picture of 5 pounds of muscle versus 5 pounds of fat….which would you rather have? Good, then let’s start lifting. See, when you put on muscle, you actually get smaller, tigher and more shapely. A picture is certainly worth a thousand words, especially in this case!

Enjoy my video on the subject…{{{hlp}}}

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