for the 40+ woman!

DHEA: YOUR Anti-Aging Hormone!

“My energy level is unbelievable. I feel like I did when I was 30!” – Amanda D., 51 years old.meditation1

Amen! I can attest to that! So what’s the deal with DHEA? Well, we lose it as we age, big time, and because it comes from our little adrenals that sit atop our kidnets, which help us manage stress, they can, simply, lose their gusto, with all the emotional and physical stresses we’re under, so they get weak. Really, really weak. And they can no longer keep us stress-free, and keep our DHEA pumping out.

DHEA is the ‘mother of all hormones’ because it can convert into estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. It enhances our immune system, helps ward off cancer and it increases and maintains our muscles! Bonus! But you need a qualified endocrinologist to supplement it, as it has to be just enough (but not too much)…only as much as you need individually.

Oh yeah, and watch the sugar and caffeine…these are the 2 BIG TIME nutritional stressors that can really weaken your adrenals, so BE CAREFUL!