for the 40+ woman!

I just have to vent…

I have a private Facebook page for my HLP weight training / nutrition women, and one of my ladies posted a pic of her abs…WOW, B….54-years old and rockin’ it!

B. wasn’t always that way, but we’ve watched her re-make over the past year…. she’s done the work, put in the time, tends to her eating, and she stays focused and consistent.

Then some other woman commented, “yeah, but I bet she doesn’t have  a life…she probably spends all her time in the gym.” (No, this was not one of my clients…they know better. That’s ’cause my clients are in the gym working it!)

Oh boy, another excuse-maker weighing in….

Here’s the deal: there are no women on my programs that don’t have a full life. The days of retirees playing with their fitness is gone…my women are mothers, wives, workers….we ALL have huge responsibilities (and none, my dear excuse-maker, than yours truly. I always say that I think the Universe gave me all the bumps and challenges so that I could tell other women, ‘well, if I can do it, you can.” And anyone who knows me, can attest to my over-the-top challenging life with a special needs boy who is a quadrapelegic…and no, I have no care worker.)

And B…yep, she’s raising 2 highly active teens, has a full home business, and also works outside the home. She’s a no-excuses kinda gal, the kind that do well in this life, and the kind I love to work with!

Life is a choice. Everything is. I chose. B chose. And this woman…well, she’s choosing her path too…hopefully she’ll choose another (healthier) one and get off the excuse-making merry go round….so unattractive!

Like I always say, focus on your own journey and never mind the comments from others trying to upset the apple cart. Likely, their apple cart could use a bit of healthy living too!


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