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for the 40+ woman!


Mind Over (Fat-Loss) Matters!

Are you a Women over 40?


~ Are you stalled in your fat loss?

~ Are you counting calories, plopping in the numbers in your food app, but still can’t budge the fat?

~ Do you suffer from cravings and often go ‘off the rails’ with your clean eating?

~ Are you exercising but you aren’t seeing results?

~ Are you frustrated with the lack of change in your body?

~ Have you become fearful of food, or see it as a negative (rather than enjoying it)?

Likely, what you need is NOT another diet plan or training regime…you need a SHIFT in PERSPECTIVE!

I always say, Health and Wellness is an inside job! ALL success – in career, finances, life, and fat loss! – is directed by your Inner World!

In this 1 hour webinar, I go into some of the psychology of success (and defeat), and showcase how YOU can move from a place of sabotage / lack / poor self-image and self-esteem to a place of success / empowerment and mastery over your training, eating and your LIFE!

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Join us on February 29th, 7 p.m. (Pacific Time) as we unravel this dilemma, and set you on a course of SUCCESS in your physique transformation! (We will have a short question period at the end of the show!). Registrants will all receive Karen’s Magic of Metabolism e-book.

Date: February 29th – 7pm Pacific time.

Join me for this Action-Packed Fitness and Lifestyle Webinar geared for YOU, Warrior Woman!

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