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Testimonials from Healthy Happy Clients

July 29th, 2014

A MESSAGE from Karen: “Success comes in many forms. For some, it’s to win the fight over obesity and lose weight for good. Beach-shot_face-only-150x150For others, it’s to add shape, and to strengthen and tone their body. Still others want to learn how to shop, cook and eat healthy foods for life. And still others need to find spiritual health and wellness. For most of us, it’s a combination of all of the above.”

“The ladies whose testimonials are below cover a wide range of success stories. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are scattered all over the world. But they have one thing in common: they understand that this healthy living stuff is a journey, not a destination, and it continues on for life, and they’ve joined me, and each other, in that quest. Because what we do here, through our programs, is not to aim for perfection (because we all fall off that healthy bandwagon, don’t we ladies…). Rather, it’s striving for excellence in self by honouring our bodies with quality exercise, good food and healthy thoughts, and knowing that if we do slip, we can find the strength to get back up again. These women, and hundreds more, are applauded for their courage, their commitment and their tenacity. I wish I could profile you all, because you all truly deserve a place on my special page. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make what I do such a pleasure, and I am thankful to each and every one of you. Let’s keep the fires burning. Let’s continue the journey together!” – Karen

“Karen, I don’t know how to tell you 
how lucky and blessed I feel that I found you and your program with its well rounded Dawn-300x225fitness, nutrition and spiritual components…. the whole meal deal! I’ve done your 8-Week BLISS programfrom your book – One Rep at a Time – your 10 Week Best Shape Challenge and your 12- Week Advanced Best Shape Challenge, and I just love the Healthy Living Program which I’ve been on for a long time! I have held you in high praise to anyone who asks me what I am doing and have passed your information onto others! Others have seen the “Karen McCoy” way! I love it!” – Dawn Boyle, Sooke, BC, Canada (member since Jan 2012).

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“I only just found this program
, and you, on Facebook, a few months ago and I can’t imagine living without it (Amy, left, amy_hike_photo-300x225hiking in California).I’ve been telling all of my friends about it…I am really hoping that I can get some on them to join and to develop a California contingent! That would be so awesome!” – Amy Rodriguez, California (member since Oct 2012)

“I struggled with inner motivation 
and feeling comfortable in a gym for a long time. It’s easy to lose weight (I’ve done it a ton of times and that didn’t guarantee I was in great shape) but through sticking with your program, I, who always needed a strict routine and a slave-driver trainer, am now starting to do it for me because of your Sammy-177x300program which is not just about the body, but the nutrition, the psych and learning your inner strength, and it didn’t come right away. It came with you going over and over your lessons saying it in so many different ways. Please don’t give up on those of little faith in themselves. They have it inside. They just don’t see it yet but if they want it bad enough or their situation gets bad enough that they’re ready to make small changes and not be so hard on themselves (that was me and still is some days) … just putting one foot in front of the other, then things DO shift. I’m loving going to the gym now FOR MYSELF because I want to, not because I’m being pressured or bullied or guilted or doing it for somebody else or, or, or …… As for women who are comfortable in a gym, I thought that was not for me until you offered your  program and I thought now I have the opportunity to learn how to use the equipment, learn the etiquette with somebody I trust and learn it’s not as intimidating as I once thought. PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing!!!” – Eileen Coste, BC (member since April 2010).

“I love the Healthy Living Program
….every month I look forward to a new workout and I love that excitement.  I may miss the odd workout, but I never miss too many.  I am much more aware of my body and how it works.  The awareness and connection to my body I totally attribute to being on the HLP. I want to thank you for the HLP.  I believe I have been able to better get through some difficult times with more grace because of it!” – Kim Warwick,  Victoria, BC (member since summer 2012).

“Karen, I have turned my life around 
so much with your guidance. Even though I am in the health/fitness field and have been for most of my life I had resisted alot of what you teach – meat protein, whey protein isolate, fats, carbs, training, lowering cardio.Georgina-July-2012-150x150 Nothing else has ever kept my feet so firmly planted on the ground. In the back of my head I always knew that it was the right way to go but I had a four letter word stopping me – FEAR. Fear that I would get fat, fear I would do it wrong, fear it wouldn’t work, fear of looking good, fear of being the woman I am meant to be, fear of accepting that I needed guidance, fear, fear, fear,…. You took that fear away and I know that I have blossomed in a very humble way. Your approach is so very personal. I have never once felt alone. In the gym you and the ladies are with me – pushing me gently to try a few extra pounds. So what if I can only lift it 6 x – lower the weight and finish the set. Because of your programs and guidance my feet are firmly planted on the ground and my brain is working the best it ever has. I would be very sad if you had to shut down your on line programs but I understand how much work, emotion, thought and heart goes into them. I will continue to talk to others about your programs. The person has to be ready to make this kind of commitment. If we could only fast forward a person 3 months into your programs then they would be sold! It is an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning and feel good, have energy throughout the day, for the most part not have cravings gnawing at me all day. I could go on and on…. I love your programs, your guidance, your personal touch. These are the things that have me on the right track to be a better person in all areas of my life!” – Georgina BlankenshipOntario (member since Sept 2012)

“I first met Karen in 2009 
through a local rec. centre. I was looking for something to compliment my competitive masters rowing. I took her Lift n Lose class and I saw fantastic results from weight training combined with diet changes. And I improved my overall athletic performance – I was a stronger rower and  a faster runner. After my second baby was born, I took the 10 week Jessica-Weirmier-bronze-300x276Challenge to get back into shape. Soon after, I ran the Times Colonist 10K race, and ran a personal best by shaving 7 minutes off my TC time. After taking theChallenge in 2011, and following it through the summer, I dropped my weight by 15lbs. Overall, in the years since first encountering Karen McCoy, my dress size has dropped from a 14 to an 8, and I’ve lost close to 30lbs. Now I’m on the Healthy Living Program (HLP). It keeps me focused on my goals. Life gets hairy sometimes with small kids and living overseas, so there’s a lot of travelling back and forth between Saudi Arabia and North America (plus vacations to get away from the strangeness of life here). When I lose momentum, her online Healthy Living Program brings me back in!” – Jessica WeirmierSaudi Arabia (member since summer, 2011).


“Strength training was something I’d never tried before so I thought I’d give it a go and loved it!  It seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle to my fitness regimen.  Since then I’ve never looked back.  I love going to the gym and squats have become my new best friend! The HLP Program can assist anyone to build or improve upon optimal physical, spiritual and KWE-at-Sitgues-train-stn-198x300emotional health.  The strategies that Karen uses demonstrate that sound nutrition, regular physical activity, as well as attention to your spiritual and emotional health, are the keys to longevity and quality of life.  When you join the HLP Program, there is a network of like-minded people, you never feel alone; there is always someone there to support you–let’s face it, life can get crazy and it’s nice to know where you can go for a healthy dose of encouragement!   Someone has been where you are now and they can help you overcome many obstacles.  It’s just such a great program you must give it a try!”  – Karen Walters-EdgarVictoria, BC (member since 2011).

“Hi Karen! I think your approach 
with online training is fantastic and one that most women can work into their life. Going to classes or doing your own thing with a DVD has never worked for me as too many things get in the way. With your approach I get the support of a virtual club which I can take advantage of in my own time, no matter where I am– so flexible! I also I think it is that constant contact via emails that keeps me engaged and reminds me to pay attention to my health.  So in short, things are just great and can’t think of any changes to improve. Thanks so much!”  –Gay Corbett, Victoria BC (member since spring 2012)


“I first heard about Karen’s 10 Week Best Shape Challenge on Facebook.  I was looking for something to spice up my fitness life.  I had recently lost 8 lbs, and I was ready to take my fitness up a notch. My expectation was simply that I’d have a new and challenging gym routine, but I ended up getting so much more.  The 10 week challenge was the catalyst I needed to start dealing Karen-and-Kristeen-2-300x225with food issues that I never even knew existed!  Because I had never had to worry about my weight, I ate whatever I wanted and my relationship with food got very out of control.  I’m still working on it, but I know that my life and my point of view on health and fitness have changed forever.  I thought that after I had 3 children, I would never get my body back and the challenge completely changed my perception of what is possible. I ended up winning the 10 week challenge and I completed the Advanced 12 week challenge too, and I’m more motivated than ever.  I forgot how much I loved weight training and seeing all those pretty muscles start to show.  I live by my personal mission statement, part of which is to “honour my body every day”.  I’m learning new ways to do that and I’m excited to go to the gym and watch my body change. Thank you Karen, for all that you do!” – Kristeen GordonSpruce Grove, Alberta (member since Jan 2012).

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“I have always been “sporty” but after two injuries through running and softball (knee and shoulder) I became aware of my body’s limitations and instead of scaling back or changing my routine I stopped my physical activity altogether.  My body responded accordingly and I gained a significant amount of weight over a period of a couple of years (195lbs!).  I found myself looking at a person in the mirror I did not recognize.  I always believed that I hated the gym…inside fitness activities to me was so050-300x225 stuffy and not my style.  In reality I was afraid of the thought of having to learn something new around what I imagined to be a bunch of buff people.  Not true! Once I got into the gym (biggest hurdle) I realized that there were people from all age groups and body types there.  It was a revelation to me.  I now go to the gym 3 to 4 times/week for hour-long workouts because I want to and I see the benefits.  My fitness level has increased immensely, my body shape has changed drastically and even though I am not at my “ideal” body weight on the scale, I am so much happier that I am doing something about it!  Every workout I do and every meal I eat is now representative of how I have changed the way I treat myself.  No longer am I bored with my appearance, but rather excited about the weekly changes it has.  I am strong in mind and body more than ever before and I have worked hard to get here but it was worth every sweaty minute!” – Liz ReidVancouver, BC (member since sept 2011).
“I’m sooo thankful to have found you Karen. Thank you for all you do. You really are a blessing to women everywhere, andIMG_2365-150x150 your support and generosity is beyond anything I’ve known. And it was so amazing to have come up thru the ranks and competed with you several years after starting on thie journey with you! Thank you so much, from me and my family! You helped create the new ME!” – Deanna Pfeifer, Victoria, BC

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“After attending one of  Karen’s seminars,
 I knew I wanted to train with her.  But my family relocated  and I thought I had missed out. Luckily I found her online 10-Week Challenge…now I could work out at my own gym and on my own schedule.  Brilliant! I learned so much on the Challenge.  Initially I just wanted to lose 10lbs, which I did! More importantly, Karen’s on-line Challenge introduced a new way of thinking about goals, weight resistant, and clean eating. Working with intensity was a major building block of the program and now, I’m present with each and every rep picand give it my  full attention, a great lesson which I try to teach others every day. I then went on to do her Advanced 12-Week Challenge and I got down to 15% bodyfat, and I entered my first-ever physique competition! I’m now on her HLP program with its monthly workouts and non-stop nutritional guidance which really keeps me focused and on track! Never thought I’d be a position to offer inspiration to others.  I do enjoy sharing the Healthy Lifestyle that Karen continues to teach us all!” – Leanne La Prairie, Victoria, BC.

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