for the 40+ woman!

Your HLP E-Workout Card is Here!

I know you’re gonna love hitting the weights as much as we do. Nothing says power and grace, and nothing radiates confidence and health like a body built with weights. That’s called carve appeal!

And don’t be afraid to push it! You gotta lift weights to lose weight…really! We’ll look at this in more detail later!

Download this month’s HLP E-Workout Card{{{hlp}}} HERE. Read  through it slowly and fully, and click on all the links in the Card, ok? Everything you need is in there! (ADVANCED members, your Advanced workout card will be sent to you directly).

Here’s a summary of what we’re doing in this month’s BLISS Training Programs – Go Here –  remember to watch your 2 tutorials in your How to Use link!

Workout card: Unlike in the Best Shape Challenge, you are not given a pre-made workout card with pics, rather, you can print off the exercises and descriptions from your Vimeo exercise site and write in your reps and sets in your Tracking Sheet in your Workout card. It’s all explained in your 2 How to Use videos!

A word about email addresses: Make sure you have an accessible email address…a work address is not best (a .gov.bc email addresses don’t allow access to all my videos and stuff –  too much security!) You don’t want to miss your workout card, nor do you want things ‘piling up’ at the office!. If all you  have is a work email, get a gmail account – fast, free, and they work well with my stuff!

Have fun! And enjoy moving your body! You’ll love the process! And the results! Promise!

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