for the 40+ woman!

Watch those Portions and Calories!

Sometimes things get out of hand…

Learning to count calories (or at least recognize them) is less about numbers and more about trying to shift how you see something….to recognize that ½ a cup is really a portion (not a snack) and that the innocent glass of wine and small cheese nibble can be extremely detrimental to our overall goals.

And our health authorites aren’t helping us much: do you know most calorie measurements for wine are based on the standard 4 ounces, and most restaurants now serve 6 and now 10 ounce glasses of wine!. We’ve slowly been super-sizing our foods!

Check out my short video on the subject.  And remember, eat consciously! Next week we check out what kind of an eater you are (you didn’t know there were different kinds, did you?). And you’ll soon be receiving my full video – The 4 Tenants of Health and Wellness (with transcript) that I did at the Vancouver Wellness Show awhile back! It’s one of my more popular ones!

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