for the 40+ woman!

Progesterone Saved my Marriage!

Yep, it’s true…progesterone is the feel-good hormone. And I’ve experienced it first hand!meditation1

It’s produced in our ovaries and adrenals and did you know that there are progesterone receptors throughout the entire body, including the brain and bladder! (Maybe that’s why I alwys felt cranky right before feeling any symptoms of bladder infections!).

Women who have had hysterectomies are told they dont’ need it because they won’t be carrying any babies, but there are receptors in the brain, skin, thyroid, breast and bone….so why wouldn’t we need it?

Most doctors prescribe Provera (which is NOT progesterone, it’s medroxyprogesterone, a synthetic, but many doctors shorten it to just ‘progesterone’. So please ask! This latter form has been shown to increase cancer too.

Many doctors prescribe just estrogen in menopause (usually synthetic too), but there needs to be a balance between progesterone and estrogen. It’s a delicate dance, but it is nature in harmony!

With progesterone, not only does your mood increase, it is a natural pain-killer too, and taking your progesterone will blunt the nasty side effects of estrogen dominance.

Next week we’ll look at testosterone….it ain’t just for men, believe me! If you want a happy life (and fewer wrinkles and a young bod), you gotta take care of this one!