for the 40+ woman!

HLP Day 4000: Put Some ZEN into your Training!

Yep, it’s inevitable…sometimes clients say they’re bored with weight training.

Really?  Then it’s time to put some Zen into it.

With my BLISS programs, we shake things up with drop sets, super sets, pyramids and more…but we never stray from quality weight training. There’s a good reason for that…repetition of skill and repeated movements build and carve a great body. Jumping around from place to place does not!

Look around the gym…who’s got the hot bods? Not the part-timers, not the ones lifting baby weights, and certainly not the cardio queens. It’s the gals grabbing the weights and pushing iron thru the air.

Remember, we’re not boot camp babes, we’re weight training warriors!

How to fight through the boredom? Like all things, you need to shift your perspective. And for me, weight lifting is very Zen-like. We often don’t think of it like that, thinking it’s the domain of yoga or pilates, but I’ve been zoning for years…..lifting for me is truly my meditation (in fact, if you were to talk to me when I’m in the middle of a lift, I likely wouldn’t hear you! I’m feeling and seeing the muscle move!).

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