for the 40+ woman!

HLP Day 580: Make your own Menu Plans

Creating Menu Plans is a valuable skill that will keep you on track and lean for life! Really! It’s one of the best skills I’ve learned in my career, and I’ve been using menu plans for years (they’re in my head, now). And whenever I get stuck, I write out a new meal, check the calorie content and make up new menu plans.

Most of them are around 1400-1500 calories, but you can adjust them up or down as need be (remember, don’t go below 1200 calories, ok? Or your fine body will start hoarding fat!)

Don’t just follow mine – make sure to look in your cupboards and fridge and make your own menu plans from the foods that you like.

Remember, these plans are suited for my food tastes, so you’ll want to make sure you’re eating the foods you like. My fridge is not your fridge, so tailor-make it to your tastes!

Menu Plans – Friend or Foe?
Menu Plans– Create Your Own
Menu Plan Sample #1
Menu Plan Sample #2

Portion recommendations:
 – Protein 4 or 5 ounces = size of a deck of cards.
 – 2 ounces of cheese (if you’re still eating it….I don’t often or I pack on the weight) = a pair of dice.
 – Starchy carbs = (1/2 potato, 1 cup rice, 1 cup pasta, 1 cup oatmeal)
 – Non starchy = 1-2 cups (fill up on these!)