for the 40+ woman!

Congrats to YOU! Let’s Party!

Hey, congrats! A MAJOR Milestone behind you. You hit the 6-month mark!

Sound easy? Oh, it’s not. Many, many people have given up way before this point, but you haven’t. You’re still here (you must be, you’re reading this email). And if you’ve fallen off, it’s time to get back on. No guilt. No recriminations. No flogging.

Just climb back up into the training saddle again and pick up where you left off.

I remember years ago when I started training, it was almost exactly to the 12-week mark that I saw my first real change…I had muscles in my forearms (weird place to see them, I know, but I’m guessing it was the lighting in the restaurant I was working (I had to reach up to grab the liquor bottles hiding under the lights).

Funny what we notice….naturally in time I started seeing it all over, but I guess where your skin is the thinnest, you’ll notice it (and with the proper lighting, of course!)

Don’t forget to mark down your measurements, pat yourself on the back, and know that you got past this precariously dangerous marker (the 3 and 6 month markers are key…if you get past them, your chances of staying on the program, any program, quadruples!).

My short congratulatory video for YOU! Way to go!

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