for the 40+ woman!

At this part of our 10-Week Challenge, Week 6, we tend to get a little, well, esoteric. Or as some lovingly call it, ‘woo-woo’. Yep. We go inward, and we always look at the subconscious because that’s the root of it all. (And you thought being fit was only training and eating?). :)

See, for many women, their beliefs steer their decisions about trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Do any of these sound (or feel) familiar?

“Everyone in my family is overweight.”
“I always fail at this.”
“If I get healthier, I may lose a certain relationship / person.”
“I’ve tried this before, but I always gains the weight back.”
“She’s lucky, she has more time / money to get in shape.”
“I’ve messed up my metabolism for good.”
“You naturally gain extra weight as you get older.”
“It’s hormones. Menopause always makes you gain weight.”

See, beliefs are supposed to change (values, like integrity and honesty do not). We don’t believe in the tooth ferry anymore, and we no longer believe that the world is flat or that the sun rotates around the moon. But for many people, assessing and updating their beliefs is scary. And many beliefs (I would say most beliefs) are hand-me-downs from our ‘tribe’ or family, that keeps us unified, or worse, keeps us ‘in check’ and ‘safe’ (don’t want to rock the family boat now….). And for others, not updating their beliefs is about not taking responsibility for their lives, because change can be scary, and results can be scary too. Deep stuff, really. But change is pertinent to being human, and is a must for our growth and peace.

And the world is changing…oh boy, is it! In all ways, physically, spiritually and socially. I had the opportunity to interview well-known Spiritual Intuitive Cheryl Forrest on how our worlds are shifting, how our levels on consciousness is changing, and how some will heed the call, and others will not. And how those that don’t believe in the power of beliefs, or even in their own power, will stay at the ‘lower energies’ and will live with anger, dis-ease, sorrow, resentments and more (this is what we are experiencing more and more of every day, as we see people’s lack of compassion, or their increased anger, jealousies, resentments etc (just take a look at the incidents of road rage happening, and how people are reacting on Facebook etc with their rants…all lower energy stuff). Her message: move into yourself and your power, and grab hold of this higher consciousness, this momentum that offers joy over sorrow, acceptance over sabotage, generosity over gossip, and love over judgement.

So check your beliefs at the door – shed what doesn’t serve you, and move into more empowering ways of thinking and seeing. That’s the human experience in action!

– Karen