for the 40+ woman!

When women come to me, it usually starts out as a desire for a better physique. But almost ALWAYS as we work together, the inner stuff rises….there is a fundamental discourse in how we feel on the inside as we flounder through feelings of lack of love, poor self esteem, feeling unwanted, confused, angry. We often dislike our work, struggle with intimacy, have strained relationships with family or others, and we feel like we aren’t enough, or aren’t doing enough.

We ARE enough ladies. And so, while we build those biceps, and chisel those shoulders, try to get those glutes to firm up, I want you to focus on your inner world…that’s why I created Power Words for you to use…and how many of you use them? How many tools do we have that we simply skip over, tuck away, ‘don’t have time for…’.

My whole life I never felt like enough. I was brought up with an over-bearing father who demanded A+ on everything, a mother that was distant, and a step-mother who I could not connect to. The end result: guilt, self-loathing, never good enough, scarred, unable to connect. And I dragged these feelings with me all through adulthood, like a ball and chain.

Today, whenever I feel those feelings rising up, I say aloud, I am enough. And I have a poster in my training studio that sits on my wall, to remind me and all other women who enter my space that we are enough. I bought it at a flea market years ago. It’s funny where we can find lights of inspiration…

It is these feelings that steer our lives, and which used to steer mine. (I’d be lying if I said they never  pop back in. They do… just to remind me that those nasty leftovers are never far away!).

So every day you MUST practice self-love. Tell yourself in the mirror. OPEN up to those feelings. Feel them. They won’t get bigger. In fact, they get smaller, and pretty soon you will look at them as pathetic thoughts that have no bearing on who YOU are.

You are real. You are worthy. You are Spirit. You are loveable. And you are worth loving.

Coach Karen.