for the 40+ woman!

Last night I had the pleasure of joining about 250 women at the Raymond James’ Real Women, Real Success symposium in Victoria.

As I drove to the lecture, I was trying to gather my thoughts and prepare myself for what the audience would likely ask me and the other panelists.

What is your defnition of success? What advice can you offer other women on the path to success? What traits do you need to be a truly successful women?

Here’s the thing: I had a hard time thinking I was a successful women.

Really? Me? Someone who still struggles with building her company, who has long days and nights away from her family, who is still trying to find ‘balance’ in a world who says success is defined by those who attain it!

I started thinking, I’m a sham. A fake. What the heck could I offer these women about success when I was still working on it myself? (Yep, even supposedly ‘successful women’ have self-doubts!)

I called my husband. “I really can’t believe that I’m doing this…I feel so scattered, tired, we haven’t gone on holidays in 5 years…”

I hung up, pulled over on the side of the road, took a few deep breaths, and then it all came to me….

So when I was asked (it was inevitable) at the symposium what my definition of success was, I had my answer:

“Many people think of success as financial freedom, lots of holidays, a great career. And all that stuff is great. But success for me, and for all the women I teach and mentor in my training programs, is just the simple act of acting on it every day. We falter, and get up again. And that’s a successful woman: the one who always gets up, despite the odds.

We don’t strive for perfection, or a single goal necessarily, we strive for excellence, and when we falter, when we’re tired, dragged out, feelign lifeless and lost, we know other women feel the same, and we know we are in a community of like women, and in that community are story after story of women all struggling to do the same.

To me, that’s what a successful woman is: not someone who lives the perfect life, but one who strives to live a bettr life, and who gets knocked down but grows in strength every time she pulls herself up. It’s about reclaiming our power, and knowing it’s there, even when we doubt it.”

Many thanks to all the amazing women at Raymond James, Victoria who put on this great event to support and inspire women in our community. And many thanks to all the women who showed up (and a few token men!), and who are all a piece of this wonderful female community fabric called Victoria!

And many thanks to all the women I spoke with after the show: know your worth, know your power is within, and know that even if you feel powerless (at this time), it is sitting there, waiting for you to reach down and access it. It never leaves you. Promise. You will shine again….!