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Warrior Woman Group Coaching Program



The Warrior Woman Group Coaching Program was created by me, Karen McCoy of Victoria, BC. My goal is to teach women everywhere howHands-by-side1-200x300 to create a healthier, sexier YOU with this unique online coaching program that I created with the 40+ woman in mind! 


~ Video Conferencing Calls, Warrior Women E-Workouts, weekly check-ins, recipes, seminars, videos, audios, coaching calls, interviews, menu plans, 1200+ exercise library


All you need is a computer, a gym to train in, a bit of courage and a desire to want to be healthy, shapely, lean and sexy! We have women training all over the world – in Saudi Arabia, U.S., Mexico, Canada, Greece and Brazil! Our community of Warrior Women is growing every day!Summer Brentwood flexed

 Central to the program is my hand-crafted Warrior Women E-Workouts and lifestyle lessons, which is helping thousands of women live healthier lives physically, mentally and spiritually (yes, all my programs focus on emotional and spiritual health also!) Please note: The program is run through a private Facebook page, so use of FB is required. CLICK HERE!

** 10 and 12-Week Challengers: As part of your Program, you receive that month’s E-Workout Free (depending on when your Challenge ends), with your sign up to the Challenge. Here, you get to experience this awesome Maintenance Program, to help you continue to grow, learn and progress with your training and healthy living. Because getting there is one thing, staying there is another!

You receive your Warrior Woman E-Workout Card the first day of the month, and on-going nutrition and lifestyle information through email and our private Facebook page! All lessons build on top of each another, and strengthen and shape you from the inside – out! That’s what true health and wellness is all about!glamourBW

We’re truly a grassroots company: Everything is created by me! No out-sourcing! Online group training is the NEW way to train: it’s easy, affordable, accessible and it WORKS!

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