for the 40+ woman!

Uh oh. Here comes the wave…

The holiday parties, shopping (what, you haven’t started yours yet?), gatherings, making travel plans…. it seems to happen earlier and earlier every year!

It’s also a big year here at the McCoy Residence because we have two milestones happening in our family – my husband is turning 60 (yep honey, had to shout it out!) and our son is turning 19….ah, as one slips into adulthood, the other is slipping out! Busy times….

December is my busiest time of year, bar none, and I feel it in my bones – my back is sore (the back represents added responsibilities), my knee is out, my fingers are tight and achy (beginnings of arthritis, likely), and an all-around deep fatigue has me going to bed early, and waking up 9 hours later, still not refreshed. (For those of you into horoscopes, Aries and Taurus have it bad right now…the sun is the furthest away from our signs than any other time of the year, and sun represents energy. Yawn….!).

So what’s a busy girl to do?

I train. Really. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes, I simply must carve out the time. If I don’t, then I will be even less productive, more achy, and lose even more sleep. Energy begets energy, and so I push on….

It’s hard to make a lifestyle out of this, I know. I just finished up a group of 10-week Challengers, and the results were great, but the overall compliance was, well, about 80%. But in my books, that’s good, especially as we head toward December. The Advanced gals are still at it, not graduating until mid December or so, and they are pushing on thru with 5-6 days of training a week.

So if you’re having a hard time getting your workouts in, here’s some tips:

– maintain the same workout time and days throughout the week.
– maintain a minimum of 3 days a week, 4 is better, 5 is golden.
– major in something….don’t try to do it all – Pilates Monday, yoga Tuesday, weights Wednesday…. you will see few results and will experience only frustration.
– eat before and after you train….always! (Protein-up ladies!)
– cardio AFTER weights!
– find a trainer / program that represents YOU! A 21-year old is not going to know the body and challenges of a 50+ year old!
– schedule your appointments (hair, nails, luncheons) around your workouts. Never cut into your training time.

Alright, onward, Warrior Women! See you at the mall!


PS My 10-Week Best Shape Challenge for January is taking registration. And I am also offering Gift Certificates to the Challenge (view HERE) in case there is any female family member or friend that you know can benefit from this program! Thousands have already! Email or FB message me for details!