for the 40+ woman!

The 8-Week BLISS Body Makeover Program!

– creating body, mind and spiritual health and wellness for life!

I hope you enjoyed reading One Rep at a Time, my story about health and healing as taught through my son’s journey.

Now it’s time to get into building that awesome body and spirit of yours with your 8-Week BLISS Body Makeover Program!

The Program is split into three Phases, so you just move through them week by week. Please make sure you download your worksheets before you begin, then download your Training and Nutrition packages for each phase.

Note: sometimes our over-zealous nature wants us to race ahead before we’ve thoroughly completed the current week. I don’t recommend this as jumping ahead will hamper your results! Trust the process, trust yourself, and take the allotted time to complete each phase, ok?

BEFORE WE BEGIN: Download your worksheets
BLISS Blank Food Journals
BLISS Tracking Sheet
BLISS Body Measurements and Photo Sheet.
PHASE ONE: Weeks 1 and 2: Building Your Foundation (videos below)
Training Package #1
Nutrition and Lifestyle Package #1

View the Phase One videos »
PHASE TWO: Weeks 3 and 4: Strengthening Your House (videos below)
Training Package #2.
Nutrition and Lifestyle Package #2

View the Phase Two videos »
PHASE THREE: Weeks 6, 7 and 8: Your Defining Moment (videos below)
Training Package #3
Nutrition and Lifestyle Package #3

View the Phase Three videos »
BLISS Stretching Sheet

View the Stretching video »
A Closing Message from Karen

We’ve come to the end of our BLISS program. At this point. I often hear, ‘Wow! That was great, but now what?”

At this point, I welcome you to check out my popular Healthy Living Program, the most integrated and unique training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching program anywhere! It’s here, in the HLP program, where we expand on the 8-week Program and continue to build your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life together! Fresh workouts every month, clean eating, recipes, menu plans, videos, interviews, and so much more!

I also offer my ever-popular 10 and 12 Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenges that I run 2 times a year, each with its own level of intensity! Weekly lessons on clean eating, weight training and lifestyle that will take you to the next level!  A jam packed 10 and 12 week program to kick your butt and get you back on track – lean, shapely, energized!

And don’t forget to send me your before and after pictures and measurements to be entered into our monthly Best BLISS Body Contest where I’ll feature one lucky woman’s amazing transformation! It could be YOU! email your results to

Until then, stay open , be present and enjoy your journey. It’s truly just begun!