for the 40+ woman!

In August, I close down my Studio 8 as I go on holidays and enjoy a much neededShoulders24 rest…but before I go, I’ve been prepping my gals to continue on the path..

See, summer is the hazardous time...if you don’t continue the work, watch your eating, and keep on your training game, you will some back in September a little, well, under the weather. Most gals lose a lot of strength (hard to estimate, but in my experience, if you lose 2 weeks, it sets you back 3 1/2 – 4 weeks. Of course, the longer you’ve been training, the shorter the set back, but if I took a summer off, I estimate it would take me 4-5 months to get it back, really get it back, my strength, endurance and all).

So this summer, keep up with it all...I tell my gals it’s gotta be minimum 3 days a week, and it’s gotta be heavy lifting. We’ve worked so hard to get here, thousands of reps and sets, hundreds of hours…let’s not lose all that lovely work!

Onward, Summer Warrior Women!

PS Why not try my 8-Week Summer BLISS Body Makeover Program. You can start at home, and progress to the gym, if you choose! Don’t let summer slip on by…(it makes our September start up so much easier if we keep at it, yes?)