for the 40+ woman!

If you’re not seeing the results from your weight training program (and as a woman over 35, you should be weight training…’cause things shift, they get looser, we lose our shape, the fat accumulates more easily, then there’s the hormone thing…) then ladies, simply ramp it up!

If you’re doing mostly cardio, stop. If you’re doing bootcamp but it’s not changing how you look, stop. If you’re doing more than 12 reps and less than, say, 15 pounds for a dumbell curl, or 15 pounds for a dumbell kickback (for those nasty arm flaps), then you gotta ramp it up! (No, you will NOT look like a bodybuilder….can we put that one to rest, please??).

If all you’ve been focussed on is losing the weight, stop that too. We naturally will lose the weight when we train properly, but are you getting firmer, tighter, and more shapely? You want to, don’t you?

If you think you’re eating well but you still look soft, ramp that up too. See, what I know is that most women think they’re eating right, but just because you don’t indulge in McDonald’s and you count calories doesn’t mean you’re eating right. And no, age has nothing to do with it. Honest. So don’t buy into the myth that you naturally gain weight (or it’s harder to lose) as you age. Not true. You’re just not dialing in your training and eating.

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If you’re not seeing results, then you simply must change. Father Time marches on…..

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