for the 40+ woman!

Someone asked me the other day what my ‘branding’ was.

I had to think about that one.  If you look on the surface, I guess you could say I create training and nutrition programs for women. That’s what people think. But that’s surface stuff, and that’s why it’s hard to explain, really. Because my inner circle of ladies, my ‘tribe’ so to speak, are living it from the inside out. Quietly, and with purpose and conviction.

So my branding…hmm…. Well, I’ve often thought of myself as a warrior, given all the setbacks I’ve experienced, and I know each and every woman out there has gone through similar hardships, and when we share space with other women, we know that we’re not alone. We all struggle together, and we support each other in that journey. 

It’s no different with training and eating, really. It’s woven into our fabric, becasue to get healthy and stay there requires that we honour that weave. We simply cannot separate our lives out from our gym time. That’s what the media, allopathic medicine and government agencies do, and that’s the problem. We are compartmentalized, dismembered, and that causes dysfunction in our bodies and our spirits.

As Warrior Women, we use training and clean eating to reclaim our power because it connects us to our core.  We strive for excellence, not perfection. We are strong but soft at the same time. We respect other people’s values and beliefs. And when others fall, we help pick them up because that’s what women in community do.

We live our lives one step at a time, with grace and gratitude.  We stay open to the possiblities and allow others to live as they please. We live in a different place, this place, this community. That’s the root of all my programs – the Healthy Living Program and my Best Shape Challenges. Always has been.

So when people ask me to explain my online programs, I send them to the web site with videos and documents to explain the nuts and bolts of it all.

But the real deal is behind the scenes, in the journey, and in the many women scattered all over the map who partake in that journey, and who all are working to better their bodies and their lives with a program that puts them at the heart of it, and honours their journey to wholeness by helping support them on the path in any way we can.  And we all walk together, as one. 


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